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The New Technologies of Electric Gates

11/20/2013 Back To Blog

Technology never rests but keeps developing rather fast, especially for products people use on a daily basis and since the driveway gate opener is directly associated with the safety and easy access of consumers, manufacturers make superhuman endeavors to improve the technology of these devices in order to meet the requirements of modern families. For this reason, contemporary residential gate openers have great capacities and come with many accessories at affordable prices. In fact, features can be added subsequently and this can facilitate consumers with limited budgets and tens of different priorities.

Total safety from gate accidents

The safety sensors are not new technology but they have improved incredibly in terms of their sensitivity and time of response and, thus, accidents caused by solid sliding gates are reduced to zero. Of course, this presupposes the need for frequent maintenance and inspections, which will demonstrate the condition of the sensors and point out possible problems. In fact, gate repair is necessary because components are sensitive and totally exposed to nature and they can be dangerous or malfunctioning if they are not repaired on time.

Electric openers may come with a system of backup batteries which will be very useful when the power is out and you are trying to enter your premises. You won't have to interfere with the system, wires or emergency cords and you will still have the privilege of automatic gate operation. The installation of a gate opener keypad will also protect children from accidents since these systems will give you access with the dialing of personal codes, which if it remains hidden from young children, you can ensure their safety in comparison with a gate remote, which could be used as a toy.

Advanced technologies for total gate control

The list is rather long as are the options but the best technologies are associated with the keypad systems since they can come with multiple access codes, the CCTV and intercom systems. Consider that a phone enter system can facilitate over ten thousand people living in a building with separate codes and complete visual and oral contact with visitors.

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