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Find the answers for the most frequently asked questions on gate repair right here. Read and learn more about safety loop sensors and electric openers and how to choose the best ones for your swing gate.

What are swing gate safety loop sensors?

Driveway loops are important parts of automatic gate systems. Safety loop sensors command a gate to open or prevent a gate from closing on a vehicle in the path of the gate. Typically placed 4-5 feet away from the gate on both the outside and inside of the gate, the safety loops that are also called reverse loops will reopen a gate when sensors are tripped when the gate is closing.

What will I consider when choosing a swing gate operator for wrought iron swing gates?

The type of swing gate operator or opener you should get will depend on the length and height of the swing gates, as well on whether it is a single swing gate or dual swing gate. Long and heavy gates like your wrought iron swing gates need heavy-duty gate openers while light-duty openers are best for narrower gates of lighter material.

How are electric gates powered?

They run on electricity. For this purpose, they are connected to the electric grid of the property. Some homeowners choose to install solar panels for powering their gates. This way, they can operate with free solar energy. It is also possible for backup batteries to be installed, as stated by experts from garage door repair Manhattan Beach.

How fast must gates move?

Average residential gate openers have motors, which move the gate about 36 inches per second. Though, they can be faster, too. Gates for commercial use move with greater speed or big car lines will be blocking streets and driveways. The overall speed must not exceed 1ft/sec.

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