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This page provides information regarding residential and commercial gate services.

Pros and cons of metal and wood gates

Wood gates are more beautiful and the panel will keep indiscreet eyes out of your property but this material is sensitive to elements and will warp without frequent gate repair. A steel gate is highly resistant and strong if it's dipped galvanized. In any other case, iron might be strong but it will erode and compromise the security of your house in Manhattan Beach.

Get sliding gates

Solid sliding gates are very practical and ideal for smaller size yards since they would move along their tracks and won't occupy space in the property when they are open. They come out in aluminum, wood or steel and it's surely preferable to get galvanized iron ones to avoid rust problems. Their motion is activated by electric commercial or residential gate openers and they are easy to use.

Check the gates often

Maintenance is really important for your security mechanisms. In fact, absence of gate repair would signify the beginning of serious problems. You need to check the components at least two or three times every year especially if the weather conditions of your location in Manhattan Beach are harsh. It's important to check the opener, the sensors and tracks, and change the battery of the gate remote.

Common maintenance mistake

Painting a gate without cleaning and sanding is the most common mistake made by homeowners. This causes more damage to the gate than ever before. Cracked paint or open wood allows water to penetrate through the wood and provides the right conditions for microorganisms to breed.

Don’t force your gates open

Sometimes gates move slower than usual or get stuck altogether. However, it’s not recommended to force them open or force them shut when this happens. According to experts, it’s never advisable to force it since the hinge might break off or other parts might get deformed. If this happens, call for assistance right away.

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