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Why Choose a Swinging Driveway Gate

11/19/2013 Back To Blog

If you are in the market for a new gate installation, you will have to decide whether you want wrought iron gates, steel gates, or possibly wood gates. You will also have to make a choice regarding how the doors will open. The most common are the sliding and swinging models. Here are some reasons why you should pick a swinging version.


A swinging gate requires little maintenance service. If you happen to have a manual swinging model, the hinges may require some lubrication every so often. Other than that, there are no electronics or motors involved so maintenance is kept to a minimum. If you do end up with a gate remote and a residential gate opener, you may have some added maintenance. You will not have to clean tracks, though, as is necessary with a sliding model

Less Expensive

Installing a swinging model is typically less expensive than that of a sliding model. The material they are made of will impact cost, but also the actual mounting and gate opener installation will add to the overall project cost. This needs to be taken into account along with your budget. Most sliding models will have to have tracks and rollers installed. Any Gate Repair company in Manhattan Beach will tell you that this takes time and, as a result, is more costly. Swinging versions will only require hinges, which are much easier, and less time-consuming, to install.


There is nothing quite like a beautiful gate to add a touch of class to a property. Those made of metal, iron or steel add a bit of luxury to any property. There is an element of curb appeal that is added with one of these. Just as a fresh coat of paint or rich, lush landscaping can add value to a property, so can your driveway security gate.

Space Considerations

Sure, you can put a sliding model just about anywhere, but you can still place a swinging model in spaces that are less than 12 feet across. Instead of a double, you will end up with a single swing model. You will still need enough room for the door to open on either side. You’ll need enough room for cars to wait while the door opens.

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